Improve Technical Sales Effectiveness

Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your technical sales force? … to improve revenue or profit?  If so, we’d like to help.

Technology companies have special challenges in communicating a convincing message.  The sales process is often complicated by the technology.  The sales message can be diluted by the details.  Conventional sales training programs may not fit your specialized requirements.

Customized Technical Sales Training

focus_istock_000006701447mediumAt Technical Sales Consultants, we understand your challenges and we can help you customize your sales training and design a sales process to fit your market, your customers and your technology.  We train people to ask good questions, listen to the answers and make customized recommendations to help their customers succeed.  We use the latest technologies to start training when you need it, and engage even remote people.  For sales training in life sciences, medical devices, and biotechnology, call for a free consultation.

Sales Consulting Services

If your situation requires even more personal attention we provide consulting services tailored to your special situation.  Just call us to get started.

New and upcoming …

Interactive Blended Learning: Web, Telephone & Face to Face Workshops

  • Level I: Intro to Life Science Sales Skills
  • Level II: Questioning Presenting Skills in Life Sciences
  • Level III: Advanced Skills for Complex Sales Projects
  • Level IV: Business Development and C-Level Selling

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